Jewelry Repair

When you look for "Jewelers in Greensboro" or "jewelry stores near me" and you begin to read reviews.  It won't take you very long to realize that there is one store that sounds out from the pack. When it comes to jewelry repair in Greensboro, we produce quality craftsmanship every time and our customers have not been shy about sharing it. (Click here to read our reviews on Google)

We have been faithfully serving Greensboro since 1999, please consider making Diadem Jewelers your local jewelry repair shop!

We utilize the latest technology and equipment to provide you with the most dependable, high-quality, repair services. Your jewelry is important to you. It doesn't matter if it's an inexpensive piece of fashion jewelry or a family heirloom handed down for generations. We understand that. Which is why when you trust us to repair some of the most sentimental or personal pieces of your life, we do all we can to not only address any immediate and obvious problems but to keep you from having future issues as well.

Absolutely every part of our life involves trust. We trust other drivers to follow the rules of the road. We trust our car will get us from point A to point B. We trust our chair will hold us when we sit down. Trust is vital to everything we do from eating at restaurants to purchasing online. So let me ask you,

"Who do you trust with your jewelry repair?"

The Right Way to Repair Jewelry starts way before your jewelry gets to the hands of our jeweler.

For example, when we check in any piece of jewelry we move through the following steps to provide you peace of mind and certainty that we will provide you with professional expertise and excellent service every time.

Step 1: Photography

We have all heard, "a picture is worth a thousand words" that is just as true in jewelry repair as in every other area of life. We document the piece and any damage or problem areas that it may have. The main picture is printed on your receipt as well as the job bag that holds your jewelry while in our care.

Step 2: Physical Description

Each Item you entrust to us is given a very detailed physical description which prints on your receipt. We use a physical description such as, "ladies white metal solitaire ring set with one round transparent near colorless stone in a six prong tiffany style head. Stamped 14K Weight:5g Ring Size:6. Condition: two prong tips missing, stone loose in mounting, shank very thin at base."

Step 3: Declared Value

We take care of your jewelry, it stays with us and is repaired on-site, it is locked in our safe when not being worked with, furthermore, we will insure it from loss while in our care. We will ask you what the declared value of your piece is. This is usually what you paid for it or the amount you currently insure the piece for. If you don't know the value because it was not purchased but was given as a gift or handed down from family we will do our best to give an approximate range that a similar piece could be purchased for based on the current market. You may then select a value within that range.

Step 4: Plotting

Jewelry with a prominent center stone will be carefully examined under a microscope. We will note any laser inscriptions on diamonds and will also draw the internal characteristics of the stone as well as any metal work. We will then have you look at your stone under magnification to see and verify the same things we saw and documented. That drawing (called a plotting) will go with you on the back of your receipt. When you return we will again look together under a microscope and verify that what you are picking up is the same as what you left with us.

By following these steps we endeavor to build your trust in us and our business. We want you to be confident that you have left your jewelry with honest individuals who will treat it and you respect, care, courtesy, and professionalism.

Inspection & Cleaning

We offer free jewelry inspection and cleaning for anyone and any piece of jewelry regardless of what it is or where it was purchased. We will inspect the security of gemstones in their settings prior to and after the cleaning process. Depending on the jewelry and type of gemstones we utilize a mix of commercial grade ultrasonic, steam, ionic and electronic cleaning equipment.  We suggest cleaning and inspections at least every six months.

Pieces we repair, to the best of our ability, are restored as close to their

original luster and brilliance.

 About our Jeweler

At our sole location in Greensboro, our jeweler adheres to the standards set by the Jewelers of America for proper jewelry repair. Complex micro- and macro-hand torch work, sophisticated laser welding, and quality stone setting and engraving skills are all used to accomplish the safe, accurate and cost effective repair for your jewelry.

In addition to our jeweler's extensive experience in repair and restoration, he is also a jewelry designer and carries the title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser (AGS) and Graduate Gemologist (GIA). Those two titles are the highest gemological certifications achievable in the entire global jewelry industry.