Custom Jewelry Design

For many, designing your own piece of jewelry is a dream. You have thought about it many times but feel it could never happen. We can make that dream a reality. Whether you know exactly what you want it or have no idea, our staff of experts can help.

Where do I begin?

All great projects start with good design, whether you have a sketch on a napkin, a Pinterest board full of images, or just an idea of what you would like, when you imagine it, we create it. We start by listening to you. Just listening, we are interested in making what you want not what we want to sell you. Once we understand what you are looking for, we begin roughing out a design to provide you with a base to build upon. We take your feedback and guide you through the production and design process, providing input as needed to produce the jewelry of your dreams.

This is an exciting stage where you drive the process telling us how you want the piece to look. Saying things like, "Can you make that stone bigger? Can you make it a different color metal? What about a row of diamonds around the center?" We are merely the outlet, you are the designer.

What happens after design?

Once you are happy with the design we move into producing a digital model. From that model we can produce a photorealistic image of any angle of the piece giving you a well rounded idea of the finished piece. The computer generated images are still a far cry from an actual piece that you can touch and hold but they are an excellent glimpse at a three dimensional object. At this point in the process we ask for your feedback for any final adjustments such as size and number of stones or placement of design elements.

How does my design become a reality?

Model To Mill

The same computer model that was created to showcase every detail of the piece in three dimensions is sent to another computer, in house, that carves out a replica of the final piece from a solid block of wax.

Wax On Wax Off

The delicate wax copy of your jewelry is sent to be cast. At the casting house, the wax is placed into a cylinder that then filled with liquid metal which burns out the wax and fills every nook and cranny that is left behind. The cylinder is removed and a matte, unfinished, rough, in some cases ugly version of the final piece emerges. That rough is sent back to us.

Ugly Duckling to Stunning Swan

Once the rough, unfinished piece is returned to us, we polish every tiny facet of the piece and prep it for setting any stones. Once this initial polish is complete, the stones are meticulously set. Whether it is one or one hundred, every stone from big to tiny is set with care, one at a hand. After setting, the piece undergoes another round of polishing and then comes finishing. If hand engraving is involved, it happens here. Once all final details have been completed, the final polish and finish is applied.

The Unveiling

This is the absolute best part about what we do. You get a phone call your piece is ready, you drive with anticipation to our store. You are warmly greeted by name when you come in to our little shop. An associate comes from the safe with a little white box. The tension is mounts as they place it on the counter in front of you. A thousand different emotions are racing through your mind as you open that box and remove a rich mahogany box from inside. You open the box...

Check out our gallery for examples of gorgeous custom designs that made the journey from concept to reality.