Professional evaluation of jewelry for customers depends upon expertise and experience. With over 75 years of combined fine jewelry experience and the finest qualifications in our industry, we will ensure the evaluation of your jewelry is accurate. As a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, we are qualified to appraise most jewelry and to consult with experts in period jewelry and laboratories for special circumstances. There are numerous types of appraisals for differing needs. We will be happy to advise you concerning your specific situation.

We have a staff of Certified and Graduate Gemologists, Registered Jewelers, Jewelry designers and bench jewelers at your disposal. This varied experience and training leave few appraisals that need outside consultations. Your jewelry is secure with us as we teach you how to identify your gemstones and jewelry before you give us permission to keep your jewelry. Every piece of diamond jewelry is carefully measured and mapped on plotting pattern to assist you in the identification of your diamond according to the specific type, location and size of its naturally occurring clarity characteristics. The combination of detailed measurements to the hundredth of a millimeter and the precise plotting to represent your diamond's particular clarity characteristics ensure that you are able to identify your jewelry. We take pride in the professionalism of our evaluation services and more importantly your trust and confidence. We work to help you identify your jewelry so you are empowered to recognize and appreciate what you have and know we return your jewelry to you when our evaluation or repair work has been satisfactorily completed. Your total confidence is assured when you trust us with your fine jewelry for evaluation.

Most evaluation services can be completed in 24-48 hours for our premium service. We ask that you leave your jewelry in our care for this to be completed. We check in your diamond, provide you with the identification, plotting, measurements and receipt. While your jewelry is in our care we do all laboratory analysis for cut, color, clarity and carat weight of diamonds and gemstones, evaluate and photograph the jewelry for mounting details and do extensive market research. Documentation and typing, printing of the photographs and plotting of the center diamond are all part of the completed appraisal. Upon your return we review your jewelry for your security inspection, the appraisal for its representation of the quality and value, and answer questions for you. We will happily fax documents to your insurance carrier and answer questions for you as your insurance representatives require.

There are numerous types of evaluations available to you including: Barter, Casualty Loss, Certificate of Deposit, Certified, Collateral, Comparison, Conservatorship (Guardianship), Consignment, Customs Evaluation, Damage Report, Dissolution of Marriage, Distribution of Property, Donation and Gift, Estate, Estimate to Replace (Hypothetical), Retrospective Hypothetical, Prospective Hypothetical, Guardianship, Insurance Replacement Appraisal, Inventory Confirmation Report, Investment, Qualitative, Recertification Report, Statement of Replacement Cost, Verification, and Wholesale Appraisal. We will gladly consult with you to determine what type of appraisal or evaluation is right for your needs.