Big Rings for Big Personalites

BIG Diamond Rings

Have you ever wondered about a ring you saw, but thought it may be too big for you to wear? Since we all have individual tastes, in every area, who’s to say? Some people are concerned by other’s opinions, and then there are many who really are not concerned by what others may think. I do not know where you may fit in those categories, but, let’s take a moment to consider this and look at some beautiful Big Diamond Rings!

There are many people who love jewelry. They may love all kinds, colors, styles, and sizes! Jewelry is such an individual opinion, like everything else!  While some only like little or occasional jewelry, there are those, like me, who love to wear lots, all the time. Depending on your finger and hand size, those factors may help you decide on the size and quantity of rings you may wear.

With the changing of styles, it does seem more acceptable to wear multiple rings on more than just one finger per hand. And if you do this, you definitely have lots of choices to enjoy!

We often mention the custom work we do to make unique and special jewelry for our customer’s taste and style. Every ring in this article has been produced by Royal Diadem Jewelers for our customers over the years. Many contain family diamonds used in making a new ring to be enjoyed in a new style, but keeping the sweet memories from the past.

Using family diamonds, this ring was made as an engagement ring, and the special detail using the bride-to-be initials created a truly one of a kind family piece.


So, as you can see, since we all enjoy different styles and shapes, we can make whatever you would like that is good for your taste. And even if you do not WEAR a big ring, I hope you enjoy seeing them on others. 


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